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Our goal at Free To Be is to facilitate child centered community development in Kolkata with the aim of improving the community’s capacity to protect children from vulnerabilities such as child labor, child marriage, and child abuse and exploitation. Free To Be works to address root causes to these vulnerabilities, such as economic constraints at a family and community level, a lack of access to education, limited food security and gender inequalities.


Free To Be currently provides support to 25 children - many of whom come from severely disadvantaged families. Through providing vulnerable children with education and other support services, Free To Be aims to reduce poverty and improve standards of living. 

We aim to see an increase in the number of children accessing formal education in our surrounding community, improving economic situations for families which will better enable them to provide for their children, and an increased awareness of child rights and protection to reduce child exploitation.

Free to Be understands that to provide holistic care for a child, their family needs to be supported and strengthened. As such, we also facilitate income generation programs for women. Evidence suggests that this increases children’s access to education and decreases incidents of child labor.

It is only through your support that we can achieve this. Thank you for your commitment to partner with this vision - to see children and families empowered and equipped to reach their full potential

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Free To Be Values

We are motivated to serve every child and person regardless of race, gender or faith.

We believe all people are created equal in dignity and with the same rights. We believe that these rights should be upheld and we recognise the value of every person.

We believe every child has a unique destiny that deserves to be fostered through the highest quality care available.

We are responsive and adaptive. We are committed to helping meet the needs of children long term.

ACCIR Partnership

The Free To Be project is based in Kolkata, and is in Partnership with ACC International Relief - the aid and development arm of Australian Christian Churches, based in Melbourne. 

ACCIR, is an organisation that believes in a world where Christian principles of justice and equality are actualised. Where individuals, families and communities are empowered to influence decisions affecting their own lives, advocate for their own rights as human beings with equal voice and equal value under the premise that all life has intrinsic value before God who created life.